Author: Alycia Robinson


Posted by on 2.28.19 in Discounts, News

Did you know you have the option to place your order ahead of time for pick up? Just click on the “Products” link above, and you will be directed to our online store on Potify. The setup takes just a bit, but once you’re signed up, you can place an order online any time of […]

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Starter Bundle

Posted by on 1.30.19 in Products

Check out our Starter Bundle! (1) Gram Sampler (6 grams, 1 Gram each of 6 strains) (1) Glass Blunt (1) 1 Gram Vape Cartridge (1) BB Tank (Battery for Vape Cart) (1) T-Shirt $150 Before Tax!!! (Urbn Roots Total: $139.32, Urbn Loot Total: $21.82)

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Power Hour

Posted by on 1.30.19 in News, Products

Power Hour is DAILY from 6pm-7pm! 10% off Flower 10% off Edibles 10% off Topicals 10% off Capsules 10% off Moon Rocks 10% off Shatter *Does not apply to vape cartridges, Gram Sampler, 1/8 Variety Pack, or the 420 Special.

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